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​Tamila Fedko - osobní fitness trenérka
Tamila Fedko


Personal fitness trainer - body shaping, weight loss / weight gain, stretching, TRX, pilates, nutritionist



phone: 774 263 514


We would like to introduce you to a personal trainer - Tamil Fedko. Tamila is a very positive, charming girl and, most importantly, a professional in her field. Her experience in the gym is more than 8 years. Certified trainer in gymnastic kinesiology. He is one of the few coaches who will briefly explain to you what you are doing and why you are doing it.

It will be a great pleasure to help you achieve your goals, motivate, add strength, confidence and your skills!

With Tamila you get 100%:

✓ The result!

✓ Competent approach to training!

✓ Create a nutrition program based on your characteristics!

Make sure that measurements are taken before the start of the training and that they are monitored throughout the training.

So come on, meet, you will definitely like it!

Personal fitness trainer:

- body shaping and weight loss;

- stretching;

- TRX;

- pilates - functional, wellness training for posture;

- Nutrition counseling and training plans for self-training

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