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Alena Žáková


Fitness instructor, advice on healthy diet.


tel.: 723 171 566



Motto: “If you want to change your character, you have to change something in your mind. "

Do you want to change your character without drastic diets, or gain muscle, but do something for your health? I am a personal fitness trainer and I will advise you how to exercise to shorten your way to the goal as much as possible.

- body shaping

- muscle gaining

- weight reduction

- removal of muscle imbalances

- catering consultancy

Opening hour

For the first hour, we will first clarify the goal of your training that brought you to the gym, consult health status, current sports activities and eating habits.

Then it is possible to measure your default body parameters: weight, proportions in cm (chest - waist - hips - limbs) eventually metabolic age, visceral fat, etc. Our further cooperation will of course depend on your time and financial possibilities.

We start our own training with a short warm-up and slightly stretching exercise, it is also suitable to use cardio-trainers (treadmills, bike, stepper, etc.). whole body. I will show each exercise first, explain its technique and correct breathing. During your initial workouts, I will get an idea of ​​how you are on the strength, endurance and movement - which will depend on their next track.


After a few initial workouts, it will be possible to refine your workout selection, arrangement and intensity to best suit your body type, current physical abilities and goal.

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