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Dagmar Podhrazská
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Specialization: The combination of yoga and strength training, correct bad posture, eliminate back pain, mobility, TRX, nutritionist - weight loss / gain.


tel.: 727 864 281

Can't gain or lose weight?
I meet a lot of desperate people in fitness centers who no longer know what to do, how and where to lift and eat so that they can at least grow a blanket of muscle mass or cut off a few inches at the waist. I will show you new procedures thanks to my experience with weight loss and exercise (elements of yoga and bodybuilding training), I will write you a personalized menu and move you closer to your dream.

Tailored menu
I build a customized diet to reduce fat stores and gain muscle mass through best practices. No extreme diets that will make you tired and prevent you from working in your daily life.

I prefer intelligent training that combines the elements of yoga to balance the imbalances that we gain through established stereotypes, proper HSS involvement, and bodybuilding training to build strength and muscle mass.

Humane approach
First I will listen to you and set priorities and then evaluate what we can do from both sides. I can listen and adapt training and diet according to your needs and time / movement possibilities.

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