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Maximus Fitness center is available for you since the first January 1992. Its original place was located in Ondříčkova street in Prague 3 and from 1 January 1993 we moved to the street Koněvova where building has undergone several changes to provide best solution!


The name "MAXIMUS" was delived from the word "maximum" (maximum of best services). Continuing that tradition, you still will try quality service and management. We are here for you!

Well-equipped gym, with area of ​​about 400 m2 suitable for fitness, rehabilitation training or racing. Without waiting you can work out together with more than 40 people. We provide training plans for beginners. The possibility of cooperation with our professional coaches is at hand. We also offer a solarium, sauna, massages and also comfortable seating at the bar.


You can find to practice there people of different ages, gender, fitness and focus, but you can also meet celebrities from bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting or show business.


We try to maintain the lowest possible prices. If you want to be sure, see our price list!

We are happy to provide and explain for free a basic training plan to beginners including good nutrition. We will not let our clients helplessly in the middle of the gym or expose errors in practice. In addition, you can use the services of hired coaches with differently oriented training (including rehabilitation). See section coaches.


So visit the classic gym with 20 years tradition, intended mainly for those who want to work hard and to achieve positive results and for those who have a real target. If you want to do really SOMETHING with your body, join our club. 


Not every modern and appealing design meets the criteria for fitness and smooth workout. Crucial is the right choice of different types of exercise machines, free weights, benches and additional equipment. We can not forget their subsequent deployment in terms of muscles, areas and mirrors.

Poor biomechanic machines with insufficient or limited range of motion in the settings options in terms of size exercisers are unfortunately common phenomenon even in the most publicized gyms. Gyms like these have primarily commercial character and their owners have oftenly no idea about the essential "details". That´s why you can meet a real champions in our gym. If you want to take a look around before visiting us, see gallery section.

What should be obvious
or training conditions we create ourselves.


Footwear needed!

Recklessness is failure.

No one wants to do the exercises

and breathe dust from the dirty streets.



Bare feet - also not!

Feet perspire, carpet absorbs well and the result ... ? (Holding of your nose during exercise is not practical )



Naked back

Naked back only with a towel, which we regard for every contact with leatherette. It is not nice for anybody to lie on the wet bench. Sweat also act very aggressively to trim and strongly reduces its life. 



Clean up all tools after excercise

Return back after excercise all the tools and especially dumbbells. Certainly you also dont like to search during training the tools or move them on place where they should be.



If you work with machines treat with discs symmetrically only!

Otherwise shorten the life of moving parts.



Do not move with drinks around the gym !

Wet stains and broken glass on the carpet - that we also do not like. We have a side table and fitbar near the entrance.



Do not chew during training ...

Chewing gum found stuck to the carpet and anywhere is very heart-attack situation for us!



Taking advantage of the rubbish bin!

Still, we observe that there is a lot of people who do not know what they are.



Do not discharge the cigarette butts around the entrance, please!

Only tavern loafer can do such thing! People like this are in the gym probably only by a mistake.




Bags, purses and jackets belong to the locker room.


8:00 - 22:00

10:00 - 20:00

10:00 - 20:00 



12:00 - 20:00



Mo - Fr

Sa - Su    







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