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Come and take a break from the stereotypical style of still life and worry. We offer you a great time relaxing in the sauna or under the expert hands of our masseurs.



Come and choose your own masseur or masseuse who offers not only massages, but also different types of release practices, including rehabilitation.

The therapists work only externally, therefore previous orders are necessary.

Massage room is located on the premises of a sauna with massage which can be easily combined.

Call to order: +420 776 862 566


Sauna has a private character which ensures maximum privacy of clients.

Capacity of sauna is a maximum of 4 people.

Price is calculated for the lease of the sauna,

not the number of people!

The fridge with drinks, music, all prepared for nice whiles..

Call to order: +420 222 592 451
Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash Extensions by kelp algae = individual natural eyelashes are glued synthetic algae of different lengths that are indistinguishable from natural ones.


The initial application takes about three hours.


The addition should be after 3-4 weeks (depending on how falls your natural algae) and lasts for 1.5 hours.

Call to order: +420 723 171 566
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